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New Mapping Project Details the Importance of Wilderness for Migrating Elk, Moose and Other Wildlife
Michael Reinemer

Designated wilderness areas provide important habitat for five migratory big-game species, according to a first-of-its-kind mapping project involving wildlife researchers at the University of Wyoming and cartographers at the University of Oregon.


A new settlement could protect some of Colorado’s most biologically rich public lands

A recent legal agreement should settle a long battle over whether or not to allow drilling on the highest lands of the plateau.


Berkeley’s Guilt Trip: Driving Hurts the Planet
Car heads north on U.S. 101 on December 26, 2010. (Garrett/Flickr)

Car heads north on U.S. 101 on December 26, 2010. (Garrett/Flickr)

Leave it to Berkeley, a liberal bastion in northern California that's taken pioneering steps to tax sugary drinks and ban Styrofoam takeout containers. It's now moving forward with a novel way to address climate change: make people feel guilty about driving.

This week, in a 7-2 vote, its City Council approved a draft ordinance that would require warning labels at fueling stations, even electric-charging ones. The labels would link driving to greenhouse gas emissions and global warming....

Wilderness advocates applaud BLM’s denial of solar project in California’s Silurian Valley
Annette Kondo

The following statement can be attributed to Sally Miller, a senior California conservation representative of The Wilderness Society:

Wilderness advocates applaud BLM decision to deny large-scale solar development application in Silurian Valley

The Bureau of Land Management in California has taken a great step forward with its decision to protect a special part of the desert by denying an application for a large-scale solar project in the remote Silurian Valley.


A Slew of Coal Plants Get New Lease on Life—With Gas

Several aging coal plants are being reconfigured to burn natural gas....

How Involuntary Simplicity Could Shape Future of Limited Energy
Chinese shop in Beijing on September 25, 2011. (Trey Ratcliff)

Chinese shop in Beijing on September 25, 2011. (Trey Ratcliff)

As global warming compels countries to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, new research says the era of cheap and abundant energy will end sometime this century and prompt a new way of living: "involuntary simplicity."

The public needs to be prepared for this "energy descent" and "a persistent step-wise downshift" in consumption, says University of Michigan environmental psychologist Raymond De Young. He discusses the topic in a report in the November edition of the journal Frontiers in Psychology....

New plan for George Washington National Forest protects wildlands from future leasing

Some good news for the Too Wild to Drill George Washington National Forest—the US Forest Service has released their new plan for the forest, and keeping drilling out of essential parts of this wi


Study: for migrating elk, moose & other species, wilderness is vital

New research and maps released Nov. 19 outline with new clarity the exact routes that big-game species use to migrate to winter and summer ranges.


The feds’ numbers prove it: Arctic Ocean drilling is a disaster waiting to happen

One lease sale in the Arctic Ocean – if developed – has a 75 percent chance of a major oil spill off the northern coast of Alaska.

Would you personally do anything that had a 75 percent chance of disaster?


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